What is a Meditation Coach, exactly?

People often ask me “what is a meditation coach?”

It is the way it sounds! It’s the combination of meditation and coaching. In this 16-minute youtube video, I share more in-depth about meditation coaching and how I accidentally got started offering this when I was living in Los Angeles.

As a meditation coach, you teach people how to meditate. You learn about the people you’re working with and design a specific meditation program that suits who they are and their lifestyle needs.

As a Meditation coach, you do more than teach meditation, you guide others in realizing their true self. This includes their true desires and intentions. In the coaching process, you empower your clients to realize their deepest intentions, as well as achieve their personal and professional goals.

Meditation coaching includes the integration of meditation, coaching, and energy healing to serve others in their process of revelation and goal setting. With this multidisciplinary approach, you facilitate higher awareness, insight, and calm with your clients. They learn lifelong skills that help them develop resilience and true strength.

In a typical meditation coaching session, you would begin with a few minutes of mindfulness. This allows you and the client to show up o the same page. Breath and body awareness allows you both to become fully present, more relaxed, and harmonized with one another.

In a more relaxed and heightened state, coaching becomes a natural flow. It’s less heady and more connected. By beginning with meditation, your client is more embodied and connected to their truth and authentic self.

In the session, you’re actively listening and asking questions. You can also combine meditation with coaching by asking coaching questions through a guided meditation session. We teach this skill in our LIBERATE training.

When your client is centered and present, they have access to more resources within them. Asking powerful coaching questions during a meditation session can evoke instant insight and realizations for your client. It is also deeply healing and calming.

Meditation coaching is a spiritual practice. You’re focusing on more than just the results, you’re also practicing presence and receiving the benefit of simply paying attention without attachment. Your client receives this and feels the benefit of listening and receptivity.

Just as you would observe your own breath during meditation, you observe your own breath and bodily sensations during meditation coaching. This informs you throughout your time with your client and can help guide the coaching process.

This unique approach to coaching is intended to raise consciousness and awareness for you and the people you work with. I hope this sheds more light on meditation coaching and how it helps people find calm, resilience, and true balance.

How I became a meditation coach

I started my own executive coaching business while living in Los Angeles. I had just returned from a trip where I backpacked through Asia, to learn and deepen my yoga and meditation practice.

After returning back, I attended a leadership coaching school at Georgetown and started a business doing executive coaching. However, I immediately noticed how stressful the process of coaching was.

As an executive coach, I often felt overwhelmed. People would come in to see me and immediately dive right into their problems. There was no time to transition. The clients I worked with were incredibly busy, so their minds moved fast.

After a while, it didn’t seem right to me. There was no good place to start a session. I started combining meditation and coaching after a few of my clients, who knew I had traveled to India, asked for sessions for stress relief.

Little did I know what I had started! I then began combining meditation with coaching sessions as part of my regular practice.

The Benefit of Combining Coaching and Meditation

I soon discovered that executive coaching alone was mentally draining, when compared with coaching combined with meditation.
Straight executive coaching felt more mental and there was a lot of thinking involved. While it was strategic, I didn’t feel that I was as helpful as I could have been.

In some cases, the sessions went off into a lot of different tangents. It was easy to get lost inside the coaching process because there were so many different ways that you could go.

When I started facilitating stress relief sessions for clients I started out the sessions with just a few minutes of meditation. Those few minutes made a big difference in the quality of the coaching sessions.

People began to open up more, especially when the sessions were combined with energy healing and guided meditations from the beginning.

This changed the entire dynamic of the work. Instead of coming in and immediately dumping their problems they were able to come in and have some kind of transition.

We started the sessions in silence. We took the time to connect with and drop into the body. This gave us a chance to clear the mind and drop all of the noise from the mind.

It was like starting from a clean, clear space that’s calm and centered. Clients really appreciated it, even those who may not have been familiar with meditation.

I didn’t immediately think about teaching it, but clients really wanted to learn. I truly felt that the process of coaching really benefited from the quiet space meditation provided. It allowed us to dive much deeper into the coaching session as a result.

The sessions started to feel much more connected. My clients were much more in tune. They were not only benefiting from the coaching process, but also from the meditation process. They were more in touch with their feelings and had more self-awareness.

Instead of just talking off the cuff, they were much more thoughtful about what they were talking about. As a result of the meditation, they had a much more productive coaching session. The meditation helped facilitate a calm and present inner space for people.

They were able to dive much deeper into the coaching process, and as a result able to move forward. Meditation gave them instant access to their intuition and their inner wisdom.

Talk Therapy Versus Meditation Coaching

While talk therapy may be beneficial to some, I like the simplicity of combining meditation and coaching. There isn’t a lot of words. It’s very clear and simple. For me, all of the talking and going back and forth seems very mental.

On a personal level, I don’t find talk therapy extremely effective in terms of moving people forward. If it works for you, that’s wonderful – you should honor that.

For true balance and healing, nothing can beat the power of combining coaching with meditation in my opinion.

By combining meditation with coaching, people are more easily able to connect deeply. They are able to access that place inside them that has insight. That knowledge helps guide them towards a place where they are holding a level of presence.

In my opinion, that’s the most important thing, that level of presence and attention that one brings to the session. It provides a much deeper connection.

Benefits of Meditation and Coaching

As a meditation coach, you maintain your own self-awareness during the coaching process. You have an awareness as a practitioner of your own body, your own center, your own emotions, and your own feelings.

This helps you guide your clients along, as opposed to simply being a sounding board and absorbing someone else’s energy. You’re both in the process together.

It’s really important as a practitioner to stay connected to your own inner space, so you don’t lose yourself in your client’s story.

If you continually absorb other people’s problems, it will eventually drain you. If you don’t find a way to insulate yourself and your energy, and if you try too hard to be a great coach, you will eventually find the process taxing to your energy even after one session.

By practicing meditation within the coaching session, you will be able to provide a space that is rejuvenating and that energy will fill you up. That is really the big difference and the big benefit.

Many practitioners are suffering from compassion fatigue and burnout. They really want to help people but the process is draining and it causes one to give away their own energy.

The process of meditation coaching uses energy tools and energy healing which is an extension of the meditation practice. It’s a very natural extension as well.

The more you practice, the more you’re in tune with the vibration of health, and the more you create that space for other people. Instead of simply trying to fix people or heal people, you’re actually providing a level of space and clarity, as well as openness and curiosity, together along with your client.

As a meditation coach, you will be teaching as well as facilitating the meditation. If you’re a meditation coach, you know how to explain the basics of meditation, and how to get started. As part of the training, you’ll learn how to design a meditation practice for someone based on their own individual needs.

Some programs are based on only one meditation technique, which can be limiting. Our program involves learning and sharing a wide variety of techniques that are basic and essential.

We understand that people have different constitutions so they need different things. While some people are busy and active others may be slower or even lethargic.

Some people are very creative while others are more mental. As a meditation coach, you can fine-tune your practice to a specific demographic or group, which will be a much better practice.

Intuitively, this allows you to create a program and facilitate an experience for people based on where they are and what they truly need. It’s a very creative process.

As a meditation coach, you’re getting in tune with your client and becoming present to that process. Since it’s a combination of coaching and meditation, it’s highly beneficial.

It’s not about merely filling up space with noise, but learning how to use the silence as part of the process. As part of this, you also become more aware of the energy and the movement of energy.

When you work with a client, you work with intention. Keeping that intention in mind, you allow the energy to flow and to follow that intention. As a result, by the end of the session, you have facilitated not only meditation but energy healing as well.

Karma and Old Patterns

Many times people are working with patterns. These could be good patterns or bad patterns. Some people call this karma. Others might refer to it as unconscious blocks, pain, or even wounds.

These patterns are the basic building blocks of fear, and they keep people from moving towards what it is that they really want and what they want to create.

As a coach, you are looking at that with your client and it’s an important part of the process of healing. Within those patterns, there’s also energy connected to the patterns.

For example, even the experience of stress and anxiety, contains within it a sort of energy, like a vibration.
When you work with energy and healing, you can learn how to clear that negative energy because everything is comprised of energy and everything has a vibration even if you can’t see it.

As a meditation coach, you’re guiding the client and holding space for them so they can be guided to their own answer within. You’re not telling the person exactly what to do, you are co-creating with them in the healing journey.

Let’s say for example you are a mountaineer, and you know how to climb mountains. When you’re climbing that mountain with your client, you’re forging that path and providing a space.

Even though you provided the supplies like the equipment, the machete, and even the fire, the client is right there with you forging that path with you.

It’s a team effort.

Oftentimes when someone is on a spiritual path, meditation is more often than not one of the most powerful ways they have to develop themselves inwardly.

People on a spiritual path want to learn the tools that can help them grow in their meditation practice. In the end, they want to be able to create that resource for themselves. Once they learn it, they then have a way to feel calm, centered, peaceful and present.

Accessing this part of themselves helps them become the full expression of who they are and who they want to be. Freeing this stuck energy ultimately leads us towards liberation.

When you’re walking with somebody alongside that path, it’s also important to be aware that a lot of “stuff” often comes up. Just like the dark night of the soul, this stuff isn’t always pretty.

Within the darker shadows, there may even be demons or other negative energy blocks. These blocks may rise to the surface during a session and you need to know how to handle them.

That’s one of the big reasons why it’s so essential to have somebody next to you, like a coach or a guide to help you move through that so you don’t get stuck in any one pattern. If you’re stuck, you can’t move forward.

A meditation coach understands that as you develop your own practice and meditation, you want and need guidance.
Sharing the tools of meditation and walking with someone on their spiritual path allows you to gently guide them and help them align their energy with their personal goals and intentions.

As part of the process, you also help hold someone accountable to their own meditation practice and their personal goals and intentions. This gives them a great amount of clarity around their own vision.

Without this guidance, you are merely drifting along, without a plan to follow. Without a direction, you aren’t clear as to what you’re moving towards and what is it that you want to create in your life or what you want to contribute.

A meditation coach:

  • Works in a variety of ways from one on one to groups and retreats.
  • Is able to offer classes or work online.
  • Is able to create their own schedule.
  • Can work anywhere or anytime.
  • Can combine coaching with other self-help or other modalities such as massage therapy, essential oils, or sound healing.

Personally, I do most of my work online at the moment which is a nice benefit.

Meditation coaching can be combined with any other type of healing modality as well. With leadership coaching, there are also ways you can combine meditation coaching.

One of the things we teach is the importance of doing whatever it is you love. Always focus on that. Don’t be afraid to offer meditation coaching as part of your line of services. People won’t judge you. They won’t think you’re strange.

One of the best gifts you have to offer is to do what you love. It is who you really are. If you love working with essential oils and that brings out the best in you, you will attract the right kinds of clients that like that too.

They’ll find you, and they won’t be weirded out by you. Remember, like attracts like. When you share your creative gifts with the world, you serve your highest good. As a result, you will attract people who need what you have to offer. It’s as simple as that.

When you share what brings out your highest level, you help create that space within other people who share that space with you.

Meditation coaching is extremely beneficial and it’s also relaxing as well as rejuvenating. It’s a great way to deepen your own spiritual practice.

Traditional forms of coaching and therapy can be a bit taxing and draining. Without the energy tools, the intuition tools, and the healing tools you aren’t left with much and you have no way to help someone out of a healing crisis if something really negative shows up.

Meditation accesses that core part of you while also raising your vibration. In a group session, it helps get everyone on the same page whether you’re doing a yoga session, a meditation group session, or something else.

Everyone is present and breathing together. This helps the sticky, chaotic energy drop away making it much easier to work with.

When you’re doing your life’s work, it’s really important that you’re energetically supported whether that’s financial, physical, spiritual support, or something else.

In meditation coaching, you achieve that balanced awareness between yourself and the whole, as you work to continually balance and keep that level of awareness.

The best part of the process is the ability to be there with your client, and be present in the quiet sacred space.

That’s one of the greatest gifts that you can bring along.

I hope this sheds some light on what meditation coaching truly is. If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you.

If you have a desire to deepen your practice and become a meditation coach, check out our LIBERATE meditation coach training.
We would love to host you if you’re serious about deepening your own practice and you want to share meditation with others.

Love, Sura

About the Author: Sura
Hi, I'm Sura, a corporate VP turned Meditation Coach. Currently, I run global online trainings for leaders & coaches. I love sharing FLOW, an effortless meditation approach that cultivates true health, relaxation & prosperity.


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