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Writing as a Spiritual Practice

This week I saw a story in the BBC about how writing can heal the body.

I thought this was a fascinating article that highlights the importance of writing about our emotional or traumatic experiences and how putting words to paper can be naturally healing. This would potentially save quite a bit of money in therapy or even other distracting time wasters that keep us from feeling our pain. Imagine that. A free, awesome resource.

And talk about pain. How many of us are feeling the pain of what’s happening in our world today?

What if more of us knew how to effectively deal with our pain and angst – not to mention, the pain and angst of others?

We would be less emotionally reactive and have the space to focus on what is truly important. We could create with more joy and ease.

The article suggests that writing can help us process our pain and emotions. In my own experience I can attest to this.

For a decade, I have gotten up each morning and written 3 pages “stream of consciousness” in my composition books. I do my best to write without any inhibition about whatever comes up. It is a practice that I picked up from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. It’s been a life-changing, life-accelerating experience that I highly recommend for anyone who wants to grow spiritually.

Combining writing with our meditation practice can enhance the healing and growth we experience on a day-to-day basis. The amount of insight that can flow through “stream of consciousness” writing can be profound and can significantly raise your self-awareness.

If you’re feeling stressed, consider writing a little bit each day.

It’s cathartic and creative. And it’s time well spent for yourself.

Love, Sura


If you’d like to see an interview I hosted with Julia Cameron of the Artist’s Way, click here.

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