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Your IGS

Last week, after writing about Guidance, I thought to extrapolate on this concept further through pictures and analogy.

Communicating to your higher-self is like having an internal GPS. For those of you who are familiar with how a GPS works; you type in your desired destination, it sends a signal to a satellite in outer space, and this satellite can map out for you the best way to get there. Then you follow your set of instructions, step by step.

Here the satellite represents the divine. It is an omniscient presence that can see far and wide in all directions, across all-time and all-space. It can see the traffic you can avoid, potential roadblocks and other unforeseen events. You have this connection all the time. When you are present, you automatically plug into the satellite dish and you know where to go. This is your ability to connect into source at any time.  Imagine being intentional about your movements and decisions moment-to-moment, by simply tuning in.

When you pray or set an intention, you are typing in your “desired destination” into your internal GPS. You send the signal out to God and you wait for God to tell you where to go to fulfill your request. That is how you start receiving and acting on guidance. You allow your inspiration to work through you. You get an inner feeling, a prompting to act out of the ordinary. Then somehow an unrelated-but-later-related series of events happen to lead you to your desired request. It shows up as a miracle, synchronicity.. your request is fulfilled, more than likely in a way you did not expect.

I call your internal GPS your IGS, your Intuitive Guidance System. The clearer your energy, the clearer your intention, the clearer your signal => the more powerful your IGS works.

Like my dear friend Michael Faith says,“When you align your will to God’s will, magic happens.” You’ll find yourself suspended beyond belief, accelerating on some undiscovered path, entering a sacred dance between you and the creator.

I often say, “when God guides, God provides.” When you get the call and have the courage to answer it, you’ll discover you have everything you need to move forward. Joseph Campbell reminds us, ““When you follow your bliss… doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors; and where there wouldn’t be a door for anyone else.”

Your most joyful, heart-felt path IS the path God intended for you. Your bliss, your excitement, is a natural guiding principle. It is connected to the higher guiding principle that works its way through all existence.

Trust. Utilize your IGS. It’s better than the new iPhone.
Way better!

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