Certificate Requirements

Receive your online meditation certification through our LIBERATE training program.

The LIBERATE meditation certification program at Sura Flow is designed to give you a direct experience in teaching and facilitating meditation. You will be provided with everything you need to get started in our 12-week intensive course. This includes teaching guidance, meditations, and best practices for sharing mindfulness.

Our meditation certification program includes an online, guided schedule that begins after your 12-week intensive. After your training, you’ll be responsible for guiding pro bono clients in meditation. You’ll also be part of an online community of coaches where you can share your experiences and questions.

In the LIBERATE meditation certification training, you’ll receive the opportunity to practice meditation coaching with a minimum of 3 pro bono clients.

As part of their agreement, they will work with you consistently for a work period of up to three months. If you are already a certified instructor or professional practitioner, you can integrate meditation with your existing client sessions. This experience can be counted towards your certification.

You’ll be responsible for finding and securing your clients. From past experience in our training programs, we find that people are very happy to receive free coaching. You can find pro bono clients through your personal network, email, and platforms such as LinkedIn.

As part of your certification in meditation, you will provide a minimum of 3, maximum of 4 sessions per month to your clients. By the end of your work experience, you’ll submit a form along with your feedback forms from your participants and clients.

The Sura Flow team will be available for support throughout your certification process. Sura’s team will provide you with all the materials you’ll need to start facilitating meditation, including information, timelines, and forms so that you can complete your certification successfully.

Meditation bowl

Please note, even if you have paid for your certification path, it is not guaranteed that you receive a certificate until you demonstrate that you have completed your requirements successfully and skillfully. Certification is a collaborative process that includes your own practice, homework, feedback from your clients and personal coaching sessions. It is essential that you have self-accountability throughout the course, meeting due dates and agreements in a timely manner.

We do our best to ensure that you have a quality learning experience and that you have developed a strong practice and have adequate knowledge of meditation. It is our intention to successfully train and support you as a meditation teacher so that you are prepared to share the gift of meditation with others. Thank you for your interest in meditation coaching and being a steward for peace in the world.

Guidelines for

LIBERATE Meditation Certification:

Please note that all of your requirements are to be completed within 6 months from the start of your course program.
  1. Do your best to attend and participate in the 12-week intensive live sessions. We understand that there are exceptions in which you may miss a session, but your engagement with both the course and community is a vital aspect of receiving certification.
  2. Commit to a daily meditation practice for the duration of the 6 month training period (to the best of your own degree). We recommend a minimum of 30 minutes a day of meditation practice. You may also consider sitting 2 times a day for 20 or 30 minutes each sit.
  3. All of the assigned homework must be completed by the due date during the 12-week intensive course. Homework includes a daily meditation practice, reading, and journaling (approximately 10-15 hours a week). Please be aware than any more than 3 late homework submissions may impact your eligibility for certification.
  4. You’ll work with at least 3 pro bono clients and complete a minimum of 24 hours of meditation coaching within 6 months. You will be provided with a participant form to confirm their engagement in your certification process.
  5. We suggest that each client session be 60 minutes (minimum of 40 minutes). Your sessions can include any combination of meditation, healing, and coaching. While you can conduct your sessions by Skype video, it is suggested that at least one pro bono client is in person.
  6. Record 2 sessions you’ve facilitated with your pro bono clients. You can submit this as an MP3 audio recording and/or video. As part of your submission, you will receive helpful, constructive feedback on your guided sessions by a LIBERATE mentor.
  7. You’ll host a meditation circle or meet-up. Your circle will meet 2-4x/a month with a minimum of 2 participants. Suggested time for your meditation session is 20 minutes – 45 minutes. Trainees will complete a minimum of 6 meditation meetings. You can host your circle anywhere. Suggested places include: local business, hospital, community center, school or studio. You can host one meditation circle online as part of completing your requirement. This may include an online platform such as zoom or Facebook.
  8. Everyone will receive a high-quality copy of their meditation coaching certification via email.