An intimate talk with Madisyn Taylor, Co-Founder of DailyOM

Madisyn Taylor and I did a fun “interview exchange” last year that I wanted to share with you all. This interview was originally intended for our LIBERATE trainees, but since it turned out to be such a great enriching talk, I asked if I could extend our interview to our public audience. Madisyn graciously agreed.

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The Roadmap to Becoming a Meditation Teacher

A FREE 2-day Mini-course, Aug 28th & 29th at 5PM EST. 60-90 minutes each plus time for Q&A. To join this free 2-day mini-course, sign up below! What does it take to share meditation in the world? How doyou become a meditation teacher or coach? If you feel an inner-call to share meditation, regardless of

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meditative hands and flower

How to Find the Right Meditation Teacher Training for Your Needs

When I first started teaching meditation in Los Angeles, I had never taken a formal “meditation training.” I had studied with my teacher in India and had learned most of my understanding of meditation with him. It didn’t occur to me to get a formal training, not to mention, I don’t think there were much

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Feel rejuvenated. Join our FREE online meditation retreat.

Starts Monday August 12th! In a busy, chaotic world, we could all use more downtime. How can we remind ourselves to make it a priority to become centered? How can we learn to maintain that inner-calm throughout the day?  We aim to provide this space through our intensive LIBERATE training, but we’re also launching a

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3 Ways to Create Balance through Energy Awareness

How to Create Balance with 3 Types of Boundaries & Energy Awareness Work-life balance is a hot topic. Some people say they don’t believe it even exists. So, is it really achievable? Creating work-life balance is more than an intellectual pursuit. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always look like a perfect pie chart or exact 50/50 percentages,

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