We’ve re-branded to Sura Flow

We’re excited to announce that we are re-branding the name of our company to Sura Flow!  This has been a long time coming. It began over 10 years ago when I wanted to create a practice that included the feminine voice and essence. We feel that Sura Flow more clearly represents the energy we want to advocate in the world. 

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Learn to teach guided meditation for kids!

  Have you ever thought about teaching meditation to kids, or even to your own kids?    The first time I started sharing meditation to kids I wasn’t sure how it would go. Kids have a lot of energy and from my experience, it can be challenging to have them focus when all they want

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Release the fear of judgment

  We each possess a strong imaginative power. Through meditation, we come to understand this power more readily. We can imagine a bright future with health and abundance, or we can imagine horrible outcomes of destitution that will likely never affect us. Worry is a poor use of our imagination! As real as it seems

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Enjoy a guided walking meditation to awaken your senses

Meditation can be anything Meditation can take on any form. You can meditate sitting, standing, walking, making love, doing art, being with your kids, working – essentially any activity. It’s the state of consciousness that you bring to your active intention that matters most. We can drive our car on autopilot and forget how we

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7 Coaching Questions to Clarify Your New Year’s Resolutions

Hi friends, As you consider your new year’s resolutions, I thought I’d share with you some personal questions I asked myself this year. Perhaps this will offer you a new and helpful perspective. Before creating new resolutions, I think it’s important to reflect on your last year. What was it like? What can you let

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