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what is a meditation coach

What is a Meditation Coach, exactly?

People often ask “what is a meditation coach?” It is the way it sounds! It’s the combination of meditation and coaching. In this 16-minute youtube video below, I share more in-depth about meditation coaching and how I accidentally got started offering this when I was living in Los Angeles. As a meditation coach, you teach people how to meditate. You learn about the people you’re working with and design

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Watch a Real-Life Leadership Coaching Session

Executive leaders today face an insurmountable amount of stress and anxiety. When I first started coaching executives, I was nervous. I felt very stressed by my client’s stress and I could feel their pressure as if it were my own. As soon as we’d start a session, my mind would start whirling, my breath became

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Join our Meditation for Anxiety & Overwhelm Course!

Dec 9-13th! Join our FREE 5 Day Mini-Course:LIVE December 9th – 13th! Many people silently suffer from anxiety. The holidays are right around the corner and with that, it can often bring up anxious feelings that make you feel stressed. With our modern lifestyle, it’s hard NOT to feel overwhelmed and anxious. If you struggle

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Best Online Meditation Teacher Training Course

One day I was googling “best online meditation teacher training” and happened upon this post at the top of the search. I can’t tell you how excited my team and I were to learn this and to be listed next to Deepak Chopra’s training. We started the LIBERATE course about 2.5 years ago with 20

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How to Love Yourself

When I was a little girl of about three or four years old, I asked my mother if she loved me. My mother thought that it was such a funny question that sometimes she would even wait to respond. If she didn’t respond right away I would say, “Mommy, if you don’t love me, then

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Increase your energy through awareness.

Imagine that you have a bank of energy each day. You get to choose how to spend it. Knowing that you had this reserve of your energy, think about how you would manage your energy each day. In meditation, we become naturally more aware of energy and how we expend our own energy. Through continued

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3 key questions to ask yourself when making important life decisions

When it comes to making important life decisions, we can choose from two basic states, love or fear.  But how do you really know? We may inadvertently base our choices on the values of others –what society deems great or valuable. We can also mull the voices of our peers “in our head” when we’re making our most important decisions.

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Learn the Core Differences Between Coaching and Therapy

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between therapy and coaching? It’s a common question that arises in the coaching community and quite often in our trainings. There are three core differences between coaching and therapy Coaching focuses on the now and actions to take for the future, whereas therapy focuses primarily on the

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How to Love Yourself

The Key Differences Between a Meditation Teacher and Meditation Coach

One of the common questions people ask is “What is meditation coaching? What’s the difference between a Meditation Coach and Teacher?” These days people tend to use these titles interchangeably. Sometimes these roles are subtly different, other times, more vast. There are distinctions that exist between the two, which I discuss in this video. It’s

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