Everything has a Spirit!

Did you know that everything has a spirit?  You could call it an energy, a quality, a certain vibrancy.  A person has a spiritA home has a spiritA company has a spirit​​​​ In this short 1.4 minute youtube video, I share a few thoughts about why it’s important to see things from a spiritual perspective.  Choosing

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different types of meditation

Learn About the Different Types of Meditation

There are many different types of meditation you can learn and practice. In this article, we’ll review the general basic types of meditation. I’ll also talk about Flow Meditation, what we offer at Sura Flow.  If you’re someone who is just starting meditation, the one pressing question we receive most often is:  What is meditation? 

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How Yoga Teachers Can Benefit From Teaching Meditation

https://youtu.be/FcHn8oKAaNE   Are you a yoga teacher interested in teaching meditation? Teaching meditation is not only a great way to expand your business, but it’s also a great way to expand your personal practice. If you are a yoga teacher and are looking to expand your practice, meditation may be an aligned segue for you.

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Benefits of Meditation

The Many Benefits of Meditation

You may well know that meditation is a wonderful practice that’s good for you, but are you aware of the many benefits it has to offer you? In this video presentation, I share with you the countless benefits of meditation, plus some additional ones you might not have even heard of or considered. This simple

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We’ve re-branded to Sura Flow

We’re excited to announce that we are re-branding the name of our company to Sura Flow!  This has been a long time coming. It began over 10 years ago when I wanted to create a practice that included the feminine voice and essence. We feel that Sura Flow more clearly represents the energy we want to advocate in the world. 

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