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Sura Kim meditation coach

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One-on-One Meditation Coaching

Meditation Coaching Personalized Retreats

Personalized Retreats

Experience deep rest, reflection, and relaxation at your own custom retreat. Sura takes great joy in crafting unique experiences that provide you with the space to refocus and refill your energy.

She offers both individual and group retreats ranging from a half-day experience to 3 days. Sura’s retreats are nurturing, insightful, and deeply restorative. You can choose a wide array of experiences, from spa treatments to yoga, meditation, and coaching.

Retreats may include special events and venues such as hiking, golf, and high-intensity sports. All retreat experiences are integrated with a meditative approach. Come away refreshed with renewed perspective and inspiration. 

Executive Coaching & Corporate Mindfulness Trainings

When leaders are stressed, it can negatively impact the stress levels of their team members and employees. Sura provides leadership coaching and trainings to support executives in reducing stress so they can be more focused, innovative, and productive. 

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Executive Coaching & Corporate Mindfulness Trainings

Sura also provides coaching and consulting for:

She teaches them a “soft” approach that empowers leaders to be more instinctive and quickly make better decisions. As a result, executives learn how to effectively manage performance pressure, maintain better rest, and have more energy.

DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion)

Performance & Pressure Training

Corporate mindfulness & wellness

One-on-One Meditation Coaching with Sura

Sura has a limited number of spaces each year to work with high-performing individuals, including CEOs, leaders of non-profit organizations, and celebrities. She coaches them on a myriad of topics ranging from stress management to performance pressure and getting inwardly connected to purpose.

Sura works with you to develop an inspiring practice where you feel more balanced, energized, and free. You don’t need hours of practice, you just need the right practice that works for your lifestyle.

You’ll learn how to combine energy tools and meditation with a coach who supports you consistently. Sura will help you clarify your goals while compassionately holding you accountable. She is dedicated to helping her clients confidently develop their daily practice, find peace, and live happier, more fulfilling lives. 

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