Scholarship Opportunities for the LIBERATE Meditation Coach Training course.

Apply to determine your eligibility.

Creating Diversity. Making Certified Meditation Coach training accessible to the right people.

We offer a very limited number of scholarships for each training cohort based on true financial need. Our mission is to promote diversity and opportunities for leaders in meditation who may not have financial resources for meditation training.

Based on your personal eligibility, you may be considered for an award amount that is 20-40% of the investment fee of the LIBERATE Meditation Coach Training. In exchange for your scholarship award, you agree to offer 20 sessions of community meditation service within 6 months of completing the 12-week intensive. We will provide you with an online log and accountability sheet for your training period. Your community service can be provided at local centers, schools and hospitals. After completing your training requirements and community service hours, you may submit your qualification materials for certification.

Applicants may only apply for a scholarship award once. 

Before You Apply for a Scholarship

Our scholarship application program is based on an honor system. We trust that you will convey the truth of your situation through your application and that through an online interview, we can determine your scholarship award so that you can participate in the LIBERATE training.

We understand that your “stuff” may come up as you move towards work you feel aligned to. This can include uncomfortable emotions, such as fear, resistance, and worry about whether you can do the training. It’s possible to work through this with and we’re open to discussing any concerns you have.

However, if you come to the call and insist you have no money to put towards your training, then please do not apply to our scholarship program.

If you’re unable to invest anywhere from $2800-3200 towards your future career in meditation, then you are not ready to take this training. Our process will not serve you, and you would be taking the space of someone else who is ready to commit.

Read More Before You Apply

Steps to applying for a Scholarship:

1) To receive award consideration, please complete your LIBERATE scholarship application. You will receive a confirmation of your application receipt within 24-48 hours. * Please note that at this time we do not offer scholarships to applicants who are unable to contribute at least $2800-$3200 to their training costs.

2) Upon review, we will schedule an online interview with you for your award program. During your interview, we will offer you a scholarship award based on your application.

3) If you have been offered an award and decide to accept your scholarship, we will send you an invoice for a $487 non-refundable deposit to confirm your seat (due the next business day).

To learn more about our scholarship award program, email us at [email protected] Thank you, we appreciate your interest in our LIBERATE course training program!

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