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Meditation and Prayer

Contrary to popular belief, meditation is a wonderful way to complement prayer, regardless of one’s religion, belief or faith. Both practices leaves individuals better able to identify their thoughts, dreams, and desires in a clarified manner. Meditation helps us “weed” out the garden – the garden being our minds – and leaves us clearer, more focused and in tune with our intuition.

If meditation is the tilling and weeding of our inner garden, then prayer is the act of using the garden to plant a seed of useful and purposeful intention.  Meditation is more of a passive practice of listening, paying attention, and raising our awareness; while prayer is an active form meditation that utilizes our inherent power and potential. When we are clear and still, we are better able to intuit, formulate prayer, and communicate our true intentions to a higher power. Meditation gives us the capacity to patiently listen and contemplate an answer, or have the courage to take action.

By combining both practices, and focusing on positive intention, you greatly enhance your ability to experience greater calm, confidence and inspiration.

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