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Thoughts About Coaching

Coaching has become a popular movement.  There are all kinds of different coaching styles available now from nutritional coaching to executive coaching.

What are the true benefits of coaching?  Is coaching right for you?

Coaching is an investment in yourself, your goals and your well-being.  The most important thing to think about is what’s really important to you.  What do you want to expand or create in your life?  Who inspires you?

Coaching can be a scary process for some because it initiates inner change and transformation in one’s life.  That’s why it’s important to integrate these changes in a sustainable, balanced way that works for you in your everyday lifestyle.


Here are benefits of coaching and coaching questions that you can ask yourself:

1.  Clarity – It’s rare to have the time and space to drop in and focus on your life from a higher perspective.  Imagine having an hour a week to really focus on you and your life.  When you do this with someone who is invested in seeing you succeed and achieve what you want, you meaningfully increase your chances of gaining clarity and creating what you really want.

Three questions you can ask yourself:

* What do I really want?  What is truly important to me?

* What are my life intentions?

The key is to take time to think about these questions and write them down.  Write down your top three priorities in life.   Put them where you can see them regularly.  Your life intention can be an inner guide for what you want to create.

2) Validation –  The reason many people are dissatisfied, is that they haven’t fully given themselves permission to go for what makes them truly happy.  Many people on some level seek validation for what they want to create.  They don’t trust their own impressions and desires.  One of the things I’ve discovered through coaching is that it can be absolutely terrifying at times to admit what you really want.

Two questions you can ask yourself:

* What have I always wanted to do but have never allowed myself to do?
* What is keeping me from being brutally honest about what I want and what makes me happy?

Remember, you don’t need anyone’s permission to do what feels right in your heart.  You can give that gift to yourself.  Self-validate your true desires and needs.

3)  Focus & Accountability – Once you’ve determined what you want and what’s most important, you can devise a “game plan” with your coach.  In coaching it’s all about the ACTION.  Talking about your dreams is one thing, taking action is another.  It’s vital to take the necessary action steps to move you closer to what you want to create.  A coach is instrumental because they track your progress.  Each time you meet, you’re going to have to be accountable to someone else other than yourself.

Three questions you can ask yourself:

* What’ s ONE next small step I can take now to bring me closer to my goal?   When can I do that by?
* What will I receive from taking these steps towards my dream?

Small steps are better than none.  They’re also more easily achievable.  Oftentimes what stops people is the overwhelming feeling of achieving their whole dream at once. 

Let yourself tune into the RESULT of what you want to create.  Envision it, dream it, feel it… don’t be afraid to be all up in it.   Keep realistic goals and a calendar so you can keep yourself accountable.  Let yourself celebrate each small action step.

A few additional benefits & what we offer at Sura Flow:

1)  Inner-Balance – The more you cultivate inner-balance, the more you see it naturally reflected in your outer life.  Learn how to create inner-balance through breath awareness and meditation.
2)  Mediation & Mindfulness – Learn how to start a simple meditation practice and incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life.
3)  Cultivating Intuition – Become empowered in making your own decisions when you don’t have a coach at your disposal.  Learn how to tap into your intuition to make life decisions and choices for you and your loved ones.

If you’re in transition, stuck or challenged, you may want to consider coaching.  While it really helps to have another person to help you focus, ground and create your goals, you can also learn how to coach yourself.  I hope some of these questions helped you gain greater clarity about coaching and what it may have to offer you.

Let’s help move the energy forward!  When you move the energy forward for yourself, you do it for the world.

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