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What Do You Truly Want?

In life coaching, it may be that people’s outer goals appear different – it could be a better job, a bigger bank account, or even enlightenment. But the underlying essence is always the same. Ask thousands of people what their goals would give them and their answers would be the same: peace, security and freedom. You can throw love in there, but it wouldn’t change the fact that all of these answers have nothing to do with things. They are all states of bee-ing.

What we all care about and want are states of being.

Many people operate on the belief system that our external environment dictates our internal environment. What happens when we choose our internal state regardless of the external state? What about creating from the inside out?

Peace, security, freedom – these states are all available to us now in the moment. We can give this to ourselves now, anytime, anywhere. These feelings have nothing to do with what we have or don’t have. It has to do with what we choose to focus on, feel and experience.

When we attune to this positive, inner feeling and create from a centered place versus grasping what’s around us to fill a need, our ability to create expands. This is because we are aligned and connected to the core of our being. What is within is reflected without. If we feel lack, then we experience lack. If we feel abundant, then it is easier to create abundance. The world reflects our inner belief systems and experience.

When we can be from this place, then we can enjoy the process and let go of our attachment to “having it our way.” Learn to create unconditional states of being.

If you’re not fulfilled in yourself, no-thing will satisfy you for long. A hungry ghost is a hungry ghost. Go for the underlying essence. Do the things that you love, that give you joy, allow yourself to enjoy and receive. We can take small steps each day to build our center of peace by practicing stillness, relaxation or taking walks. Love yourself. Cultivate these states of being within yourself, then choose your goals from a place of center.

Then regardless of what happens, you’ll feel more peaceful, stable and free. It will help you greatly in maintaining a positive mindset. And allow you to manifest your goals faster!

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