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What Stops People from Acting on Intuition

What I’ve often discovered is that Intuition, which can seem vague at first, can be very precise. The more you listen, the more you’re able to receive specific messages and the clearer they become. It can seem uncanny, but it’s true. The “price” of this Intuition however, is that it requires us to both listen and act; like building a muscle. We all receive messages, and the more you can flow them, however weird or unreasonable it may be, the easier it becomes.

Working with people time and time again, there is some strange thing that gets into people’s heads that they don’t actually receive guidance, but the truth is we all do. If you don’t listen to the first piece however, it’s unlikely you’ll receive any other. Why would God give you more if you can start with the baby steps? It’s important to start with the baby steps, “go to the gym.”  “Take art class.”  We get these subtle messages that we know would be good for us.

Here are some of the biggest reasons people don’t follow guidance:

1) It doesn’t make sense – it isn’t “reasonable” to the ego, or does the ego see any direct way of “benefiting” from the guidance it receives.. it seems silly and out of the ordinary. It doesn’t “fit” into our life. Guidance is often unique & unreasonable.

2) It usually involves taking a risk – following guidance means going out of your comfort zone. That’s because we’re intended to grow and evolve; not be stuck in the same place. When we don’t grow, we become stagnant, and it’s a crappy feeling, but the ego would rather hold onto to safety, certainty & guarantees that don’t exist.

3) It brings up fear, most especially fear of change – the moment you start acting on guidance, your world shifts and changes. It moves around the energy in your life, including your relationships, the way you see life, your place in it.. how much flow can you handle? Acting on guidance requires a high tolerance and capacity for change and transformation.

It’s easier to avoid our inner promptings and callings than to live them.. because living your true path is fierce, fiery and uncomfortable. It stretches and kneads you farther than you can believe. It requires courage. Our guidance comes from our soul. It has everything to do with living the highest expression of yourself and your true potential. It will surprise you.

Don’t you want to be surprised?


My friend John & I at Salt Spring Fall Fair!

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