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The Power of Wonderment

As a Life Coach, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt completely lost in a client session. Often times, I’d sit there listening to a client’s deepest problem, not knowing what to say or how to help. Just when I thought that I had somehow bamboozled my client into believing I could help them, IT would happen. THE exact “right” thing would occur for a major insight to come through. And IT would always seem to happen by itself. I’d blurt something out that just popped into my head, or just sit there wide-eyed not knowing what to say. Other times the client would have an “ah-ha” moment out that seemed to come out of nowhere.

Before I had attributed this random phenomenon to some kind of dumb luck that would sooner or later run out. But as time went on, I started noticing that there was a magic to not knowing. And that by fully surrendering to the unknown, the more this invisible, yet palpable force of healing and realization could come through in each session.

One day in January of 2010, I sat in meditation in Los Angeles and The Voice said, “time to go.” Perplexed I thought, “Time to go, but go where?” That part didn’t exactly come through, but I trusted The Voice nonetheless. It was the same Voice that called me from Wall Street to India, the one that has led me around the world, the one that has guided me to my greatest joys of teaching and coaching. This inner Voice, what some people refer to as intuition, or what my friend James refers to as the Voice of the mentally ill, is the one that has led me beyond my imagination and hugest dreams.

It hasn’t been easy, listening to the Voice. I have resisted it violently at times, desperately wanting to hold onto the safe path, the one I already know. Listening to the Voice can be scary. Acting on it, even scarier. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense. But in the end, I’ve discovered, it’s really worth it.

After thinking about what it would be like to live life without knowing, I thought it would be a fun experiment to live it and blog about it. Not to mention, I think wonderment is essential to happiness and healing. So is “bee-ing” in the moment.

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