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7 Ways Meditation Can Tap Into Your Intuitive Guidance

Meditation is a powerful practice that helps us get in touch with our intuitive guidance. You could call this your higher-wisdom, divine intelligence – it’s your inner-compass that keeps you inwardly aligned.

You can tap into this guidance through intention or prayer. When you’re centered and calm, you have greater access to the inner-knowing of your heart. Simply having the intention to be guided will create meaningful results.

Tuning-in is powerful tool that I use all the time, from making business decisions to deciding what to eat. It puts you into a state of ease, thoughtlessness and connection, and constantly draws you closer to your true self.

Julia Cameron says it perfectly in Heart Steps, “I am Part of a Greater Whole and It Is a Part of Me.”

“I open my mind and my heart to the plan of the service which yields joy for me and others. I accept my guidance and direction as they unfold within me. I undertake actions which empower and embody my guidance. I release others from my agendas, trusting completely that the perfect people and events arise for me as I follow my own path.”

There are countless ways meditation helps us tap into this instinctive guidance, here are 7:

  1. Meditation helps you to be calm and still. When you’re in a place of calm stillness, you are receptive to the inner voice, your ability to really tune in and be connected to your spirit.
  2. It helps you to raise your awareness. The more you take time to just ‘be’ and to sit and relax, the more your levels of sensitivity are raised and you become aware of the energy that moves through you.
  3. Meditation cultivates listening and receptivity. We live in a world where it’s all about ‘doing’ and being in a rush, and meditation helps us to create a space to listen to yourself, beyond words.
  4. Meditation gets you in touch with your feelings, emotions, and thoughts. It can help you realize your unconscious wounds that need to be healed.
  5. Meditation helps you to find inner-joy. Joy is a quality of the spirit. When guidance comes through when meditating, it has this joyful quality that is inspiring and blissful.
  6. Meditation helps you to surrender and let go. Often we are holding on so hard onto an idea of something, that it is hard to receive intuitive guidance.
  7. Meditation helps you to raise your vibration and increase your state of being. It helps us to discover our true self and divine nature that is loving and compassionate.

When things get crazy, take time to slow down, take a breath and be still. Listen without expectation. Be open and trust that your prayerful intentions will be heard. Watch the video below to learn more about how to use meditation to access your inner-guidance.

Love, Sura




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