Interview with Sonia Choquette

After waiting nearly a year to ask the lovely Sonia Choquette if I could interview her, I finally one day had the courage to ask.  I found a general email contact on her website and sent a short message, “would you like to be interviewed?”  Her assistant wrote back five minutes later:  “she’d love to.”

I was ecstatic!  Sonia is my favorite teacher on intuition.  She is a most joyful spirit!  We were set up for a 30 minute skype interview to be published by video, but to my dismay, we experienced every single technical issue possible!  I couldn’t find her on skype for at least 10 minutes, then our interview got cut off after 2 minutes.  The video quality was completely pixelated.  Even worse, the audio had a horrible, resounding echo!  You can only imagine how horrified I was when I watched the playback of our interview.

After a mini-freak out session about what to do, I suddenly relaxed when I heard the message, “write the interview.”  Whew!  I was able to save the interview after all.  And got this one screen shot of our video interview!  It was a most lovely interview, and I felt so inspired after speaking to Sonia for just 20 minutes.  Hope you find some gems in this one as I did!  I really enjoyed the message she had to share with lightworkers and healers.  Thanks for reading, below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Failed skype interview attempt, but we got this great photo in!


You can read the full interview here on Huffington Post.

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