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Burning Calories through Meditation

This morning I ate two eggs, avocado, a pot of rice, doritos and 2 slices of buttered toast. This is not my normal diet, but I’ve discovered that whenever I am on spiritual retreat, nothing is normal. I’ve actually lost weight since I’ve been to Brazil, about 4 pounds without any effort. I attribute this to healing and meditation. It almost always happens when I’m on spiritual retreat.

Spiritual practice burns a heck of alot of calories. I’ve always noticed this, but have never seen any research on it. During meditation and healing, alot of energy moves, changes and releases. After several hours of intense meditation, I watch my roommate Bari who typically has a light appetite, voraciously eat chocolate and bread. Its as if she’s come back from running a marathon and in a way, it is.

There is something that happens energetically and biochemically when you meditate or receive a healing treatment. You literally release (energetic) stuff. Recently I met a professor who teaches healing and spirituality at Hunter College in NYC. He said that he takes before and after shots of his healing clients because they actually shrink in one session. He refers to it as losing “dense” energy.

I think there will be more research studies on this soon. Imagine losing weight from doing nothing. I love this idea of staying healthy and trim. Anyone who has experienced this phenomenon, please share!
**this photo is the work of Alex Grey who worked at Harvard Medical school in the Anatomy Dept. He depicts subtle energies which he draws from his transcendental experiences.

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