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Cleaning as a Spiritual Practice

Living and working in a clean space releases mental clutter and noise. It also creates clarity and calm. If you want to complete anything important, it helps to have a clean, clear space.

Rather than see cleaning as a “chore” that’s heavy, you can approach cleaning as a spiritual practice. This “act” becomes a practice of purification and clear seeing, eventually becoming effortless and even peaceful and joyful.

Begin with your intention. What would you like clear? What would change?

Start by taking a few breaths and centering yourself. Decide on one small section you’d like to clean. Release any pressure in advance of having to get it “all done.”

Focus on your small space. It could be a pile of dishes or an office desk. Take a breath and take one small action.

Allow yourself to be present to the process of cleaning. While cleaning, remember to breathe and pay attention to your whole body. You might notice that cleaning becomes a way of exercising your entire body. Notice if you’re holding tension or trying to get to the end of cleaning by just going through the motions. See if you can be present to all the details and breathe calmly as you clean.

Pay attention. Become aware of what’s arising in you as you clean. Notice how you feel when you complete a cleaning section.

Cleaning is an act of cleansing, letting go of what you don’t need, while making a clear space for what you want. You may be pleasantly surprised how meditative cleaning can be, and how it can set the tone for your life experiences.

Cleaning is a wonderful way to create mental clarity and inner calm. Try it as a spiritual practice.

Enjoy the process and the result!

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