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Cleansing for the Holidays

Oh, how I missed the food NYC had to offer!  But after 1.5 months of travel, and some indulgent dinners with friends, I knew I needed to cleanse.  My body was feeling achy, bloated and off it’s normal energy level.  I was also feeling a cold coming on.

The first thing I do when I start a cleanse is book my colonics.  These sessions, which run anywhere from $50-100/hr, incentivize me to clean up my diet pronto.  I called Nancy, at Creative LifeFlow, to book 4 sessions over a 2 week period.

Then I got the following products:

1)  Dr. Shultz Formula 1 & 2  (bowel cleanser & detox) – my favorite cleansing product, because it’s effective & gentle.

2) Betonite clay – absorbs toxins and heavy metals.

3) Liquid Chlorophyll – the stuff that photosynthesis is made of.  Very green, promotes red blood cells & healing.

4) Probiotics – good to take during and after the cleanse, to replenish the good bacteria in your gut.

5) Psyllium husk – bulk forming husk that sweeps the internal lining of the colon.

Some of you know, I like the hard-core cleanses where you don’t eat for 10 days at a time.  But I like to do these cleanses when I’m on retreat, in a beautiful place, completely removed from people.  This allows me to focus on the healing that happens while I’m cleansing.  What people often experience during cleansing are big swings in energy levels as well as increased sensitivity to their environment.   To get the most from this kind of cleanse, it’s best to be in a place where you feel calm and nurtured.

Here’s a 10 min doc I did on the Big Island several years ago.  Be forewarned though, there is fecal matter – my fecal matter, in this video, so if you’re not comfortable with your own poop or anyone else’s for that matter, do not watch the video.

The cleanse I’m on now is gentle.  I am using the products and just purifying my diet.  No processed carbs, meat or dairy.   Most of my diet is raw fruit & veggie, cooked veggie and juice.  I’ve just finished my 3rd colonic yesterday.  It completely wiped me out.  I slept for 2 hours and when I woke up, I discovered that nagging pain on my left shoulder had disappeared.  My whole upper body felt free and open.  “What a miracle,” I think to myself.   Imagine, the toxins in our food that cause our body aches and pains!   It’s disturbing to even think about.

But I’m happy about how I feel different.  Even though I still feel slightly weak from detoxing, I feel more clear and balanced.  I love the way my skin looks too.

Whenever I do a cleanse, I think myself, “I’m never going to eat regular food again.”  The difference feels astounding.  But of course, I always do and I admit, I have a weak spot for sweets.  These days I’m noticing alot of health problems, GI issues, migraines, auto-immune disorders, cancer and overall body pain.  I hear alot of complaints of low energy and fatigue.   It seems rare to talk to anyone who doesn’t have a health issue right now!

Cleansing is an EXCELLENT way to re-balance the body and get healthy fast.   Cleansing + Colonics is even better.  I prefer closed colonic systems to open systems.   It’s important though, to find out what will work for you.  Do your research.  Work with the right people.  And take care of yourself.

Have a clean & healthy holiday!!

“The colon is the gateway to health or disease.” – Edward F Group III








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