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Everything has a Spirit!


Did you know that everything has a spirit? 

You could call it an energy, a quality, a certain vibrancy. 

A person has a spirit
A home has a spirit
A company has a spirit

In this short 1.4 minute youtube video, I share a few thoughts about why it’s important to see things from a spiritual perspective. 

Choosing to see life from spirit can help foster increased healing, bonding, intimacy and connection, both for ourselves and with others. Notice the spirit of all things, all the time.

How does it shift your perception?

Always be aware of the radiance of your own spirit. Practice transmitting your spirit in your actions, speech and intentions. It can begin simply with an inner-smile. Notice how it lifts your own energy.


Signs of a strong meditation practice ????????????

???? love in action
???? compassion
???? caring
???? kindness 
???? contentment 
???? non-judgment
???? creativity 
???? spontaneity 
???? synchronicity 
???? happy for no reason 
???? patience 
???? self-love 
???? laughter, humor, lightness 
???? resilience 
???? centeredness 
???? calm, peace 
???? free to express 
???? authentic, sincere 
???? oneness & connection 
???? flow with life
???? gentleness 
???? perseverance
???? integrity, honesty
???? presence

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