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Heart Consciousness

Often times when I’m sitting in meditation, I am aware of the energy in my heart. It occurred to me recently that what we consider to be consciousness, a widening in our awareness and mind, may actually be a consciousness that extends from our heart.

Could it be that the heart has it’s own intelligence? Could it be that this is where our higher consciousness resides?

It is said that the electromagnetic field that extends from our heart center is 4000-5000 X that which extends from our mind. That is some kind of energy and electricity! Imagine the implications for what it would mean to truly open our heart. What would it mean to “see” from the heart, to “speak” from the heart, to “act” from the heart?

Ancient saints always speak about the light of the heart, the flame of the heart.. awakening the heart. It has been said that 2012 is about moving from the mind to the heart. What would a heart-centered world be like? Imagine what you could create if you created fully from the heart.. what kind of power, what kind of manifestation would result? Could this be the self-sustaining energy that yogis aspire to?

Flow the energy of your heart into the world.. ~~~~>>>>> see what kind of energy returns back to you. <3

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