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Increase your energy through awareness.

increase your energy

Imagine that you have a bank of energy each day. You get to choose how to spend it. Knowing that you had this reserve of your energy, think about how you would manage your energy each day.

In meditation, we become naturally more aware of energy and how we expend our own energy. Through continued practice, we can learn how to gather and cultivate our life force energy.

The more in touch we are with our energy, the more in touch we are with ourselves. This is your inherent spiritual power.

The key to having more energy is to become aware of the health of your own energy field. What do you let out and in? How do you take care of your energy?

Sometimes we overgive and over-extend our energy. We may feel the need to do this by putting the needs of others ahead of our own. We don’t think to prioritize our energy. This can be because of low-self esteem, an inclination towards self-sacrifice and the need to please others.

Watch this 1.50 minute video and ask yourself these 3 key questions to invite higher awareness to your relationship to your own energy.

When we have our energy, we have the motivation to do what we truly want.

How do these questions make you think about your own energy?

Make your own energy a priority and let yourself live from an abundant, balanced place. When your cup is full, you are genuinely giving to others. You’re likely to be more present, bright and healthy. You’ll find that this kind of giving truly serves the whole and that you’ll feel energized in your everyday life.

Love, Sura

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