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Join us in Oct to Rock the Vote for Humanity #unitedwesit

Are you feeling the intensity of these times? Perhaps you’re experiencing heightened emotions, stress, even panic, like so many of us.

In this short 3-minute youtube video, I share what I feel is most important during this time. It comes down to presence and focus on what’s important.

These are critical times. We’re diffused because of the pandemic, but we need to be grounded and connected more than ever.

We each need to do our part. Find what gives you creative joy. This is where you can make a positive, lasting impact.

What gives me joy is to offer meditation, especially in groups. In October, I’ll be hosting “United We Sit,” with free meditations every Tuesday at 4PM EST.

United We Sit is an opportunity to connect to a tribe, develop your practice, and focus on a group intention for a fair election in November. We will meditate on the highest benefit for humanity.

Together we will:

1) Learn a new meditation technique each week to release stress & invite calm.

2) Practice group intentions with weekly affirmations & set an intention for highest outcome for humanity in November. 

3) Connect as a community.

Meditation is more than sitting, it’s taking right action. It’s an act of transformation. It’s spiritual warriorship. It’s the way of integrity.

The Tuesday events will start with a short talk, followed by meditation and group focus. They’ll be 20-30 minutes plus time for Q&A.

Love, Sura

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