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Meditation for Compassion

When we’re hard on ourselves or judgmental of others, we suffer. We might find ourselves having a shut down, internal experience, while on the outside appearing seemingly okay. How can we let go of inner-resistance, criticism, and self-pressure? How can we invite ease and expansion into our everyday experience?

The conscious practice of compassion for ourselves and others can effectively lead to a healthy, more joyful existence.  It’s even been shown by science! Metta meditation means loving and kindness; exhibiting compassion towards all living organisms and human beings. Proven to reduce stress, compassion is a full-body stress relieving experience. It helps us to see the pain and suffering of others, while acknowledging our own pain and suffering. It also alleviates the pressure we may experience on a daily basis.

Practicing loving-kindness, and taking the time to practice it a little bit each day, will help move your inner-world towards a more compassionate equilibrium. Metta meditation is a powerful way to let go of the small stuff and embrace more spaciousness and ease into your everyday life. It is through the practice of compassion that we can transform negative emotions and difficult experiences.

Metta meditation is one of my favorite meditations for releasing stress.  If you’d like to experience a guided metta meditation, click on the video below.

May we all be safe, may we all be happy, may we all be free.

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