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Meditation for Tech Addiction

You’ve probably never heard someone say, “I just spent an hour on Facebook.  I feel great!!”

It’s more like a conversation in your head, “I just spent an hour on Facebook,” coupled with an empty feeling of having achieved absolutely nothing.  Yet, you have to wonder why we spend hours on end in front of our computer, especially when it’s really not that fulfilling.  The truth is no one will ever go to their grave wishing they would have spent more time on the computer.

Our well-being has a great deal to do with the way we spend our time and energy.  For many of us who are constantly on technology, you may notice the subtle and not-so-subtle affects of being electronically connected:  agitation, angst, exhaustion, tired eyes, tech neck.. the feeling of “this just feels wrong.”

Mediation on Technology – Learn How Can We Release Our Addiction to Technology?

The good news is, we can use technology as a spiritual tool.  We can even use social media as a way to raise our own awareness. I know you’ve heard me say this many times before, but we can keep reminding ourselves that technology is part of our landscape and that we don’t have to fall prey to it.  Notice the affect of your use of technology, moment-to-moment.  Can you maintain a level of presence and awareness while using email or any social tech platform?

Here are three questions you can ask yourself the next time you’re on Facebook (or any other social media platform):

1)  What is my state of consciousness before using social media?

2) What is my state of consciousness while using social media?

3) What is my state of consciousness after using social media?

Paying hyper attention to our internal state before, during and after using any kind of technology can help to keep us from feeling unnecessarily consumed by these platforms.  It raises our awareness and helps us to make empowered choices.  Paying attention also makes us more conscious of how we spend our time.

If you want extra support with fully releasing your connection to technology, try this grounding meditation which is specifically created for releasing any kind of attachment to technology and letting it wormhole it’s way into your brain, causing you to unnecessarily check your iPhone 100 times a day.   Who could not use extra support these days with releasing our need for technology?

This meditation helps you to let go of your need to constantly stay connected.

May we all have peace with or without technology.  May we use it with awareness.  May tech serve us and not the other way around.  Peace and blessings, minus any Facebook likes.




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