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From Salt Spring to Hollywood

Recently I left Salt Spring Island to go south for the winter.  I was feeling the call to go to San Diego again.  Whenever I travel, it’s an act of faith. I never really know where I’ll end up, or what will happen.  I trust my inner guidance.

It was hard though to leave this beautiful retreat center.  I loved learning about organic farming and we had a bountiful harvest this year.  Also, there are so many things I love about Salt Spring.  I love that there are farmstands at the end of farmer’s driveways, that there are too many artist’s studios..  I love that there are no traffic lights, or that I never used my house key once.

Ango Retreat Center
Sydney in Victoria!

On November 1st, I took the ferry from Salt Spring to Vancouver Island where I experienced the easiest border crossing ever.

That’s where I took the ferry from Victoria to Ana Cortez in the San Juan Islands.  I synchronously met a new friend on the ferry, who was connected to a friend I had just met on Salt Spring.  I love these kinds of surprises!





My first stop was Portland.  Loved seeing good friends.  We even had some fun and had a little karaoke-thon!

Don’t try to out karaoke this man, ever!
















Afterwards, I headed to Ashland, a beautiful little spiritual town close to Mt. Shasta.  I met my friends Laura & Saleem there.  Saleem was kind enough to offer me a crystal bath healing from John of God.  The next morning, we took a walk and did some yoga together, then I was off to Shasta.

Morning Ashland walk with Saleem & Laura
Morning Ashland walk with Saleem & Laura

Since I could not see Mt. Shasta, I did the next best thing.  I had a little shopping at my favorite store, “Soul Connections.”  They bought some Sura Flow DVDs and this helped offset all the money I spent there!

This store is so beautiful, it feels like a Church!
This store is so beautiful, it feels like a Church!





Off to Marin & SF .. I had not seen my dear friend Jaime in 4 years!  Got to meet her beautiful kids for the first time ever.  They loved aroma and sound therapy before going to sleep!


Then LA.  Where I was greeted with full on, life de-grading traffic.  This is why I left LA!  I met my girlfriend at the beach and grounded myself by the ocean.  It was absolutely lovely to stay in LA.  I got to see my brother, a newborn baby, and friends I haven’t seen in years.  It was really wonderful.

Alexis & baby Grady
Venice Beach, CA









Sandra & me. She’s helping me write a book







I saw this beautiful church in La Jolla.  It’s called, “St. Mary, Star of the Sea.”  I said a little prayer and lit a candle by the altar.

St Mary, Star of the Sea
St Mary, Star of the Sea






It was interesting to observe the changes the further I headed down south, and how much “faster and harder” the energy seemed to get.  Going through different cities is like traveling through different dimensions of reality.  Each place has it’s own unique field.

Hollywood is different from Salt Spring.  Yet I can say I appreciate the differences now, than I did before.  I realize, if you can be happy anywhere, you can be happy everywhere.

It feels good to be back in Southern California.  I am blessed to be able to see loved ones where-ever I go.  Spirit is everywhere.

top of Topanga, Tuna canyon
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