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How to Protect Your Energy & Release Stress

Do you ever come out of exchanges feeling drained? Or do you feel exhausted after visiting certain locations?

Oftentimes we can unknowingly take on the stress and anxiety of those around us. It can be from our loved ones, colleagues, clients or anyone near us. If you’re sensitive or empathetic, you may have absorbed other people’s worries, anxieties and fears. This can especially happen if they have confided in you. Because of this, you might even experience other people’s stress as your own.

It is important to be aware of what is ours and what is not. If you are on the spiritual path and want to stay focused, it’s vital to have clear, healthy boundaries. When you get too involved in other peoples’ drama and problems, you take on other people’s energy. If you’re constantly thinking about someone else’s problems and how to solve them, then you’ve likely taken on extra energy that doesn’t belong to you.

Grounding helps you release other people’s energy as well as your own stress and anxiety. It starts by envisioning yourself grounded and rooted to the center of the Earth. Grounding will help you release the negative energies taken on by those around you and will allow you to feel more rooted and secure. It’s a positive practice that benefits you and others.

When you ground, others feel it. It creates coherence in the field and repels negative thinking.

This meditation practice helps you to feel steady, clear, and supported by the Earth. It also protects you energetically. If you’d like to learn how grounding can help you, watch the following video talk. You’ll come away feeling lighter, more connected and present.

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