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Re-Defining Abundance

It’s very new agey to talk about abundance. It got me thinking after I started noticing how many lightworkers (people who bring healing into the world and often talk about abundance), struggle financially. Why is it that a lawyer makes $500/hr and a massage therapist, $50/hr? What kind of values are we talking about here? After living in the yoga world in Los Angeles I saw how many yoga teachers were stressed out in order to make ends meet. Some would teach over 15 hrs a week and they would burn themselves out in the process.

Why are these practitioners, who bring so much healing and light into the world, struggling from what seems a lack of abundance?

This made me think about what abundance truly is. People tend to glamorize abundance with big fat checks, luxury and having the power to buy anything; like in “The Secret.” We think abundance has to do with how much we have, how powerful we are. Yet interestingly, in Native American cultures, I learned that hoarding and greed were considered to be mental diseases. People who exhibited this kind of behavior were considered ill and treated by the community.

This makes sense. Could you imagine a swan or any other animal hoarding and using all their free time to accumulate vast amounts of food? Storing up food they don’t need to eat? They are not obsessing about tomorrow, running to stay fit, or burning their energy unnecessarily. Animals tend to conserve their energy, rest and relax. They take only what they need when they need it.

This led to what I feel is the true meaning of abundance: being able to create what you want, when you need it. It is a state of trust and trusting in the process of life. It has less to do with what you actually have than what you know life can provide. In the moment we always have what we need. “Give us this day, our daily bread..”

Saints, like Jesus & Padre Pio, had the ability to create instantly. They trusted in their natural abilities, the flow and interconnectedness of life, and Earth’s ability to provide. They did not need anything to do this. There was no condition based on their ability to create.

Having what we need to live and knowing what’s enough is essential to our well-being.

Having too much in excess can cause problems. It makes a person heavy, fearful and out of touch with the natural flow of life. Think of Feng Shui and getting rid of all the clutter, and the kind of space and flow it opens up in your life. Be aware of what you need – no more, no less. Utilizing just the right amount harnesses our creative energy. It frees up energetic space and supports our natural ability to manifest.
It allows us to live freely, simply.

Where do most of your energy and resources go? What can you do about it?

What do you truly need to create what you want?

Creating what we want is simply a matter of being creative. 🙂

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