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Relationships Are Energy

I absolutely loved Sarah Kathleen Peck’s blog post:  How do you find the right people that are right for you?  Hint: it’s all about energy.” 

She talks about the energetic quality of relationships, like “Negative Influencers” who seem great on the surface.   These are people who are wonderful and charismatic, you cannot say anything is wrong with them, you may even enjoy their company, yet they still manage to influence you negatively and drain your energy.  Negative Influencers do not add any value to your life.

Who are the people who add positive energy to your life?

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read Sarah’s insightful blog post.  Just as we would take care of our personal health and hygiene, I think it is equally important to be aware of the people we choose to spend our personal time with.  The relationships we have can meaningfully affect our health, creativity and flow.  I’ve often said, “If you don’t know what your bliss is, start by releasing the relationships that push, pull, or drain your energy.”  By doing this, you can often gain more clarity about your life path, and reconnect to the feeling of wholeness within.

Take time to investigate the relationships that cause resistance in your life.  See if it’s worthwhile to work it out, or if it serves you to simply let it go.

A few good questions to ask are:

1)  Does this relationship feed me?

2)  Is there a balance of energy and flow between myself and the other?

3) Does this relationship add value to my life?

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