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Synchronicity for the Soul

Several weeks ago, I woke up feeling horrible.  Shortly after waking, I received news about my friends’ father passing.  Two sisters, who I have known for some time, had asked me to pray for their father who was in critical condition.  He had passed the night prior.  It was very sad and unexpected.  I felt for my friends.  On top of that, I discovered that I had to take my car in that day because the engine light was off.  On the way to the dealership I said a small prayer, “please show me something.. a hopeful sign, something.” I felt very low.

The dealer dropped me off by a shopping center where I came upon a Christian store. I was pleasantly surprised and happy because I could buy my brother a birthday gift there. Even though I’m not Christian, I love and respect other faiths.  I found a book and came upon a passage that spoke straight to the pain I was experiencing that day. It immediately uplifted my spirits and I decided to buy the book for my brother.

A few hours later, I went to get my haircut in Ojai. In the midst of conversation, the woman cutting my hair said, “I feel deeply called to give you something…” She opens a drawer next to her station and hands me the exact same book I bought just a few hours prior for my brother, “Jesus calling.”  I told her how I had just bought the same book. We jumped up and down in pure delight .. laughed and hugged.  It was truly a miracle.


My friends’ father who had just passed away, an amazing, unconditionally loving person.. his name was “Jesus.”  This realization stopped me dead in my tracks.  I saw this as no accident, but a true hello from Spirit.  I relayed this message to my friends and told them what had happened.  They cried deeply.. and felt their father’s loving Spirit.

After this experience I felt a renewed Spirit and faith.  I felt like someone was looking out for us and letting us know, “all is OK.”  This is what I love about synchronicity, it connects you to something greater and higher.  It gives meaning to that which is seemingly coincidental.  It’s life-affirming.

Does synchronicity matter?  Can we do anything to cultivate synchronicity?

Synchronicity can be a divine pointer for your life path.  The key is to stay open, aware and present.

A few questions that you can ask that lead you towards experiencing more synchronicity:

1)  What would be joyful?

2)  What does my Spirit want?

3)  What would be fun?

In my own experience, we can invite synchronicity into our lives when we follow an inner vibration.  When we follow what feels right in our heart, miracles can unfold naturally.  We become more aware and attuned to the power of synchronicity, and can allow it be a natural guiding force in our lives.

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