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Release the fear of judgment

We each possess a strong imaginative power. Through meditation, we come to understand this power more readily. We can imagine a bright future with health and abundance, or we can imagine horrible outcomes of destitution that will likely never affect us. Worry is a poor use of our imagination!

As real as it seems that the thoughts of others can hurt us, they cannot. One of the worst fears we face, is the fear of what other people think. We harbor this fear in our own imagination. And it’s this basic fear often stops us from doing what we really want.

The judgment of others can never hurt us, mark us, or damage us in any way. It may hurt the person who judges us, but it can never hurt us, unless we agree. We have to let people think what they want, even if it’s bad. Simply let it be a reflection of who they are, not a reflection of who you are.

If the background of your mind, the fear arises, “what would other people think..,” come back to your Self. Come back to your center, to your own body. Stop choosing to use your imagination in negative ways. Stop fishing around in the mind’s of other’s who can do no harm.

Anchor yourself in your own heart’s intention. Know that your intention is good and trust it. Let that be your guide, not the judgment of others. It will give you strength and courage to lead your own life, and set an example for others to do the same.

Love, Sura

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