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Learn to teach guided meditation for kids!

guided meditation for kids


Have you ever thought about teaching meditation to kids, or even to your own kids? 


The first time I started sharing meditation to kids I wasn’t sure how it would go. Kids have a lot of energy and from my experience, it can be challenging to have them focus when all they want to do is go wild. They really made me rethink how to offer meditation to a completely different age demographic. Instead of showing them practices I’d typically share with adults, I realized I had to let go and move with their flow

Kids made me pay attention more closely. What were they interested in? What truly engaged them? Teaching kids often required a level of improvisation and creativity that really pushed the boundaries of what I knew as a meditation teacher. I needed to connect to them at their level and this often included play, imagination and freedom. 

Kids often clearly reflect energy from their environment. What you feel, they will feel. They pick up on everything you say and don’t say. This includes unconscious beliefs and inner voice critical thinking. When you choose to raise your awareness, you create that space for the children around you. When you become an open pillar of zen, you naturally create that space for the kids around you.

If you’d like to learn more about this, and you’re interested in learning simple tools to help your children be more resilient, secure and connected, I invite you to join us for a free webinar training “Meditation for Kids.” 

In this training you’ll learn: 
* Simple meditation tools that you can apply right away to help your child feel more secure, calm and confident
* Teach your child how to develop emotional resilience through breathing exercises
* How to ignite your child’s imagination, tickle their senses and help them discover a deeper sense of relaxation

You’ll also receive best practices to engage your whole family in mindfulness practices that create bonding and connection. 
In this webinar you’ll learn to: 

* Create more love and intimacy with your family members
* Develop heart-centered awareness for communication and listening
* Telepathic parenting and how your state of being affects your children

To reserve your space, click this link to join our webinar.

Space is limited to 100 participants. Be sure to reserve your space.

Kindly consider sharing this newsletter with one person you know who works with kids or has kids themselves.

Thank you for your interest in meditation. We look forward to sharing more free meditation resources with you this year!
Peacefully, Sura
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