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Today’s Vision

Often times during my morning meditations, I receive messages from spirit.  It may come through a vision or sound.  Since I was a child, I had prophetic dreams and received glimpses into the future.  Now as an adult, I receive specific messages, “go to the library now” or “tell this person they need fish oil!”   I won’t know why to follow these messages, but as a result, there is often a synchronicity or miracle that occurs.  It may be that one of my needs is fulfilled, or that of another, or many.This is not something I typically share with people, but felt called to post on my blog today.  There are many people who are receiving inner messages and not sure what to do.  In my own experience, it has been important to flow these messages – act on them. I do my best not to think about them too much, but to simply experience and enjoy what happens when I do this.  It makes life to be an interesting and magical journey.Today I saw the vision of the cross.  I saw this in my meditation and this is what came through.


1)  The cross is symbolic of the figure of man/woman.  The center of the cross is the heart (of wo/man).

2) Heaven, Hell & Earth all exist as ONE. “on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

3)  The horizontal plane represents the Earth plane.  When we are on the horizontal plane of life, we are focused in the material world.  It is about accumulation, status, stuff.

4)  When we are “vertically” focused in our inner center, our midline, we can move vertically in our consciousness towards spirit “heaven,” into higher realms of awareness and Christ consciousness.

5)  Along the centerline, represents also our chakras (the human energy centers).  Our lower chakras are closer to “hell” – when we are operating from these centers, we are often making fear-based decisions based on scarcity, lack, money & security.  The higher centers (chakras) of perception are closer to “heaven.”  The highest center above the head extends up to heaven, “Christ consciousness.”

6)  The center of the cross represents the heart. It extends out in ALL directions out into infinity.  It has access to omnipresence, the seer of ALL past/future/now events.

There, in our heart, is where our treasure lies.  There, in the center of the cross, contains an answer to life’s secret.

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