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Trust Your Energy

In the practice of yoga and Eastern medicine, it’s known that the body has energy meridian lines, and that when these lines of energy are blocked, they cause tension and disease in the body.  It shuts down the flow of prana, life force energy, that runs throughout the body.  In Chinese medicine, the root of all disease stems from emotional imbalance, or what some refer to as the “two wills” – the will of the mind and the will of the heart.  When these two wills are in opposition, it creates a mind body split, and the mind starts acting against the body.  It’s when you say to yourself, “I feel like doing this.. but I should be doing that..”  When your thoughts and inner feeling work against each other, it divides your energy, and your mind and body work in opposition.  It’s like cancer, where one cell invades another cell.

When mind acts against the body, it closes the “gate of vitality,” located at the solar plexus, below the heart center.  When this happens, we become blocked from our own life force energy!  In the Hindu tradition, the gate of vitality is also known as the Manipura chakra, a circular energy center that houses our self-esteem, will power and warrior energy.  This chakra is responsible for creating with higher levels of energy. When the heart and mind are aligned, it opens the gate of vitality, and allows for more prana to radiate throughout the body.  Such a person would be described as vibrant and confident.  He or she may exude some kind of fertile, “full” and radiant energy.

Our divine will flows through the solar plexus chakra.

NOT listening to our spirit can come at a very high price.  It can cost us our own health.  When the gate of vitality closes, it can accelerate aging, tension and disease.

Doing what we love and feeling aligned with our own heart is vital to our health and well-being.

Since it is only ourselves that can sense what really feels right for our body and heart, the key to living a full healthy life is to trust yourself.

More specifically, trust your energy.  Trust what gives you energy.  Real energy.  The kind that feeds and nourishes you and makes your body warm.  The kind that gives you true joy.

If there are people, surroundings, activities that nourish your energy, make you feel more whole, loved and joyful, give yourself permission to do more of that.  If there are those who drain, disempower, scatter your life force, give yourself permission to say “no, thanks.”  Your energy is like a vessel. You must learn how to contain and flow it.  Always pay attention and notice what supports your energy.

It’s also important to make heart-centered choices.

When making life choices, you can close your eyes, put your hand over your heart, and ask:

“Is this (choice) from my ego, or my spirit?”


“Am I making this choice from love or fear?”

Notice when you do this if your energy contracts (ego) or expands (spirit).  Making choices from a place of love will change your life.  Learning how to love yourself and simply asking “what would be an act of self-love?” opens the doors for greater alignment and possibility.  What feels most loving for you?  Sometimes we forget to love ourselves in the everyday responsibilities of life.  Remember that choosing from a place of self-love is healthy for you and for others.  It serves the whole, and naturally brings you into a state of balance, alignment and health.  We are all more effective and influential when we are joyful and fulfilled!

Another important thing is to pay attention to your body.  When your body clenches and closes in tension, listen to what your body is saying.  Is it fear or excitement?  A red flag?  Trust what makes your body feel expansive, healthy and free.  Trust what your body is telling you. Most especially, trust what you feel.

If you want to experience true health and vitality, consider how aligned your mind is with your heart, and if that alignment is allowing you to experience more energy and flow. What would it feel like to inwardly thrive?  What choices could you make now that would allow you to experience greater alignment between your heart and mind?

“Find the seed at the bottom of your heart and bring forth a flower.” Shigenori Kameoka

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