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How I unexpectedly became a Meditation Coach & how you can too

When I first started meditating out of sheer desperation, I had no idea I’d ever share this life-changing practice with others. Never did I dream that I would teach and help others with practices like meditation, healing and yoga. Mostly because I constantly struggled with my own practice. It never occurred to me that I’d be good enough to be a teacher. I could barely touch my toes.

But as I stepped out into the unknown from my corporate lifestyle to a completely non-structured lifestyle, I did my best to tune in and pray about the next steps to take. One day I received the guidance to apply for yoga teaching opportunity at a corporate chain. On my first day, I read that I would be teaching “restorative yoga & meditation.” I was stunned. I didn’t know how to teach either of those modalities!

The first thing I did was go home and google “how to teach restorative yoga and meditation.” There were just a few books on restorative yoga. There were no set instructions on how to teach meditation. Soon I realized I had to rely on myself to teach meditation and essentially “wing it.”

I began simply. I taught the way I first learned, by counting my breath. My class was small, just a few people. I was unsure and insecure about what to do, but I knew I loved helping people relax and calm down. I brought spiritual music, sage and essential oils. These tools helped me to calm down and find the words to guide others in meditation.

From the first class I taught, I experienced the pure joy of sharing calming practices and guided visualization for others. Not only did the students experience it, I felt a deep meaningful shift of inner calm and peace. Students would share their experiences with me and the healing they received. They started meditating on their own. In a few short months, the class size grew and became full every Sunday. We called it yoga church.

Sharing meditation really put me on the hook for deepening and becoming more curious about my own practice. Since I was responsible for guiding this sacred practice and wanted to offer the best of who I was. It made me a better person and more committed to my personal practice. Sharing meditation has naturally improved so many areas of my life, from my health, to my relationships and my own sense of purpose and well-being.

Meditation is a powerful shared experience.

Since providing trainings in coaching since 2010, I realize how much demand there is for calming, accessible practices. People want to really learn how to release stress and experience more presence and clarity. Meditation has become a trendy subject, named one of the fastest growing wellness industries at over $1 Billion in revenue. But more than a trend, meditation is a life-long tool that you can share with others.

If you’re interested in expanding your personal practice and potentially making a living by helping others, I invite you to this special LIVE masterclass we’re hosting on August 30th.

In this masterclass, you’ll learn advanced practices to help you experience greater focus, calm and energy. You’ll receive 3 simple steps to get started. This is an ideal class training if you’re interested in becoming a coach yourself.

When you sign up for the masterclass, you’ll have the opportunity to receive future free training material and coaching through our FB group. In this group, I’ll share in-depth tools to help you gain greater insight and personal self-mastery through meditation coaching. You’ll also receive the energy you need to joyfully create your life’s vision.

If you’re interested in these topics including, synchronicity, energy healing, coaching, intention setting, manifestation, purpose and passion, you’ll want to join our group.

Think of it as a modern day Hogwart’s magic school for adults — with the added benefit of learning how to share the power of meditation.

Hope to see you there!

Love, Sura

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Unlock Your Power

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