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Life Coaching Meditation

It was by chance that I started combining meditation and coaching. Clients were really stressed and wanted to learn how to relieve stress on their own, so I began our sessions with a combination of breathing techniques and meditation. This seemed very effective in getting the mind to settle and helping the client to relax. Soon after, I began to offer “coaching meditations” where I guided clients through specific meditations based on their individual circumstances and needs.

This often facilitated a lot of flow and insight during the coaching session. It helped people become less mental, more embodied. They learned how to calm themselves, and became resourced in presence and grounding. Through meditations, clients were able to connect to direct insight, perception and intuitive knowing on their own. I found this an enjoyable way to coach and be of service, rather than spend a lot of effort and time talking. Coaching became an easy and effortless experience for everyone.

Meditation is a life changing experience. It cultivates inner stillness and helps you connect to that small voice within. My teacher in India used to say, “protect the practice and the practice will protect you.” I believe this to be true and have experienced this on several occasions.

This is an example of what a coaching meditation would look like. It’s a simple meditation that’s intended to reconnect us to what’s important. May you enjoy the nature and beauty of Meditation Mount.

Enjoy with love, Sura

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