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Meditation and “Being in the Zone”

“The zone is a state of mind which is marked by a sense of calmness. In addition, there is a heightened sense of awareness and focus. Actions seem effortless and there is an increased belief that your dreams or goals can become achievable and real. In addition, there is also a sense of deep enjoyment when the person is in this unique, special and magical state of being.”
– Dr. Jay Granat, Sports Psychologist


How can meditation help us get in the zone? What is the connection between joy, purpose and being in the zone?

Extraordinary athletes and artists have often talked about “being in the zone,” a state of being fully in the NOW. Meditation can help us achieve the same state of flow. When all of your attention and energy is wholly concentrated in the moment, you release all sense of separation and experience oneness with existence.

When you engage in anything you love or are passionate about, you might notice that you lose sense of time. Time goes by fast. You’re so immersed in what you’re doing, that you feel yourself calm and completely present. Following your joy is instrumental to experiencing heightened states of being.

Passion, purpose and focus can help you achieve a pure flow state. Practicing what you enjoy and combining it with the practice of meditation can yield meaningful benefits; from experiencing deep calm to expanded states of awareness.

Meditate and consistently do what you love.


Enjoy this guided talk and brief meditation to help you achieve a flow state.

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