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Guided Meditation for Healing

Healing means different things to different people. Some people assume that if you need healing, something is wrong with you and you need to be “fixed.” Others may see healing as a journey towards your highest self and potential.

You’ll notice the word “heal” comes from “health.” It is the process of becoming whole, of returning to sound health. Healing helps you to return to your core essential self. You can heal from anything that has left you feeling despair, whether it is physical disease, emotional trauma, broken relationships – even stress.

Healing Meditation

Healing is a dynamic process. It does not necessarily indicate a destination to “get to”, but is a continually evolving practice. Healing can also be seen as a way of evolving your own consciousness.

Meditation is a powerful method of healing. It helps you to experience greater peace and presence. In the following video, I share a meditation for healing and talk about how each practice truly enhances the other.

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