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Synchronicity Saves The Day

Last Sat I interviewed Jonathan for a story about synchronicity.  He shared with me a time when he had a haunting nightmare that woke him in the middle of the night.  When he awoke, his cat was having a horrible attack.  Jonathan became aware of this somewhat odd, simultaneous event.  The next morning, he awoke,  still disturbed from the nightmare.  When he walked out of his house in the Pacific Palisades, Jonathan learned that his neighbor had been beaten up and robbed the night prior.  It was no coincidence he felt, that he had experienced the spell of darkness that night during the robbery.

An hour after I got off the phone with Jonathan, we heard the doorbell ring and my housemate answered.  It was a professional window washing business called “True Shine.”  The man provided a quote for all the windows, and about 30 minutes later, he walked into the entry way of the house.  The door to my room was almost closed, but the moment I heard his voice, my body went into complete panic.  Without thinking, I immediately started looking for a weapon of self-defense.  Barely breathing and nearly frozen in fear, I was relieved when he finally left. I immediately came out to tell my housemate “that guy has a really bad vibe.”

She showed me his flyer and responded, “he has a business license. He’s coming tomorrow morning to wash the windows inside and out.”  I was shocked that the job got booked so soon and insisted that she check him out before letting him in the house.  Even though I, myself, could hardly understand why my body reacted so strongly, I had to trust my instincts.  Not just that, I told her, “someone just told me a story about a robbery and I believe it’s a premonitory warning.”

A few hours later, she discovered on the Internet that the man from “True Shine,”  was a convicted felon for home invasions.   Not only that, he was a fugitive on the run from MI with a warrant for his arrest (for operating with a false business license).   We called the police and they confirmed this.   Unfortunately, they could not arrest him for various legal reasons.   Even though we had cancelled our appointment the next morning, they still arrived and we ended up having to call the police again.

To make this long story short: synchronicity and intuition go hand in hand.  The more aware you are, the more you will notice synchronicity and what the world around you is communicating to you moment-to-moment.  It might have seemed bizarre that I had just heard a story about a robbery, but that occurrence combined with a strong inner feeling helped us elevate the situation. 

Synchronicity is a powerful guiding principle.  It is happening all the time.

Our body is an instrument that is constantly communicating to us and can help us realize synchronous events – sometimes through the cadence of our breath, sometimes through body pain, or even strong emotions like fear.  Tune in, and be present to the signs in your life.   What are you noticing again and again?

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