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The Power of Impersonal Perspective

What if everything you encountered in life was completely impersonal, but you took things personally?  What if this were the true reality of life?

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When you take things personally, it limits you.  It limits your thinking, your behavior and your perspective.  You make things about you, rather than simply “what is.” Taking things personally is driven by an ego perspective.  Someone was rude to you.  What if they were rude to everyone? So what?  Do you want to spend your time and energy being consumed over someone else’s behavior or would you rather get on with your life and move on?

Is this easier said than done?  I don’t think so.  The moment we realize we’ve taken something personally, we can stop and step back. When you look at things impersonally, you take a bigger, wider view.  You increase the scope of your vision. It is no longer about you.  The moment you have an awareness that you’ve taken something on personally, you’re empowered to shift it.

What does it mean to be impersonal?  It is a willingness to transcend your personality – your personal likes and dislikes and gripes.  It is not being a cold robot.  It is not about keeping the experiences of your life at arm’s length, or staying safe and protected.  You can still have a bright personality and be warm towards others. Being impersonal is a willingness to see beyond and above yourself.  Other words you can use to describe this sense of self are detachment, neutrality or equanimity.

The most impersonal people I’ve known seemed to have an increased capacity for warmth, compassion and connection.  They never took things on, but were able to connect deeply with reality and people as they were. What I’ve noticed is that when your spiritual vision is clear, it’s hard to take anything personally. You’re willing to understand instead of judge. Judging is so much easier, it keeps you separate.  Being detached and compassionate takes way more diligence.  It is a fascinating paradox that being impersonal can allow you to cultivate greater intimacy and connection with others.

If you had a choice to take things personally or take things impersonally – what would it be?  What good does it do to take things personally?

Don’t make what happens about you. Save your energy! When you know that things that happen in life are NOT personal, then you can “un-stick” yourself from messy situations that take up your mind space. You give yourself an opportunity to accelerate more quickly on your path. Don’t take on energy that’s not really yours.  Stay in the flow of life.  Take a balanced, higher perspective.  Be impersonal.


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