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What’s Your House?

If you had all the time, money and freedom in the world – what would you do?

Spiritual author, Rick Jarow, responds “It wouldn’t be such a great thing, and not many people can do it (well).”  People often falter when presented with unlimited resources, like when people win the lottery and then lose all their money.

Now more people are choosing to live alternative lifestyles.  Early retirees, spiritual seekers, travelers at heart, are finding ways to live out of the box.  Cooperative & communal living – people are mixing it up and living virtually from their laptops.  Facebook, iPhones & coffee shops are the new office spaces.

What do you do with this new found sense of freedom?  What happens when you are not tied to any one structure, place or organization?

It’s not easy.  Without form, you are left formless.  Without context, it’s hard to know where you are and what to do.  What do you do when you are left on your own?

An important aspect of someone’s life is what I refer to as their “house.”   Your house is not just a physical space, it is the structure of your lifestyle.   How do you wake up each day?  What keeps you anchored?  As more people transition to new lifestyles, your “house” will be instrumental to your well-being and how you flow your energy in your life.   Waking up every day without purpose or plan isn’t a great feeling.    You are wholly responsible for designing your life, defining your purpose and being your own boss.

How do you do this without feeling lost at sea?  A routine or ritual helps to ground your energy each day.  Take time to find the right mixture that works for your energy;  the right amount of work, community, personal practice and exercise to keep your energy fresh and flowing in the right direction.   In yoga, you discover freedom through boundaries.  By committing to a pose or a practice, you discover an aspect of yourself you never knew before.  By channeling your energy through the right structure, your energy is able to flow freely, creating the space for self-liberation.


Having the right house allows you to harness your energy and realize your gifts.

What does your house look like?    What are you committed to?   What can you do to balance the energy in your life?

What container do you need to best channel your energy & your gifts?


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