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When to Work Things Out or Walk Away?

How can meditation help you decide whether to work things out or simply walk away? 

6 guided coaching questions to ask yourself.

Have you ever been caught up in a situation that causes constant frustration, anxiety and struggle? Whether it’s a family member, co-worker or friend, you’ve probably noticed how difficult it can become to break the negative emotional cycle, however subtly agonizing it may be. By getting quiet inside, it’s possible to bring about awareness and clarity for your next steps and to shift the energy of any situation you’re struggling with.

Meditation can be instrumental to making important decisions about our life. When we allow the mind to become still, we can tap into the subtle intelligence and natural guidance that lives within us. Being quiet and contemplating powerful questions can activate our own internal wisdom and move us naturally towards what we want to create.

So whether you’re dealing with an unhealthy situation, a toxic relationship, or a major life change, it’s essential to ask yourself important questions about your next steps. Being present with what is challenging you will meaningfully benefit your own health and well-being.

Consider the following questions:

Does the situation or relationship bring vitality to my life? What would happen if I let this go? How can I engage in the situation in a way that would be honoring to both me and the other party?

Take some time to meditate on these questions with a contemplative mindset. You might find it helpful to spend time alone or in nature where you can feel more energetically attuned with yourself.

You can also practice this guided coaching session that includes additional coaching questions to help you find additional clarity and personal relief – and hopefully even joy. Joy lets you know you’ve discovered the right answer for yourself. You’ll feel lighter, happier and more at ease.

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