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How to Have More Energy | Healing Meditation

Lately, I’m hearing many people say they are tired or feeling down. They are searching for how to have more energy amid their busy lives. Today, I’d like to share a unique way of having more energy and feeling more aligned, centered, grounded, and whole.

How to Have More Energy?

Examine your unconscious and subconscious self.

Why do I say this? How will this help to lead to having more energy?

The reason is that our energy system predominantly runs through our unconscious and subconscious.

Our conscious mind also impacts the flow of energy through the body. If you have a negative focus, it will send negative energy through your body system, causing stress, tension, and disease. That’s why it is so important to learn how to observe your thoughts and meditate.

Meditation helps us become aware of our thought processes. However, our thought processes also stem from our unconscious and subconscious — whether you acknowledge it or not. To read more about meditation techniques that impact energy, read our article “Meditation Techniques for Energy

The Energy Exchange

Take a moment to answer these two important questions:

  • What do you give your energy to?
  • How do you exchange energy?

I ask this because we sometimes make agreements with others in our lives — professional or personal — and give away a little of ourselves. That part of ourselves we give away is some of our truth, power, and energy in exchange for being in a relationship with that other person.

We might deny some of our truth to avoid conflict, honor an agreement, or push our feelings away. For example, recently, I had to confront a company that kept overcharging me for services. When I said something to them, they reacted, cut me off, and said, “We can’t work with you anymore!”

The question is: do I keep silent to maintain an agreement with someone else? Or do I say or express the truth and stay in my power?

In other words, do you give away some of your energy to relationships that are unhealthy? Or that are causing you to suffer because you are compromising your true self?

How often do we do this in our intimate relationships and give over our authentic selves to stay in that exchange?

If we are honest with ourselves, we will find that we do this more often than we wish to admit. Sometimes we give away power to friends and loved ones. At other times, we give away our power because we don’t want to face conflict or chaos.

Limiting Beliefs

We just talked about ways that we limit our energy in relationships with others. Now let’s think about how you are running your own energy. Do you have any limiting beliefs that hinder or control your energy?

When you feel shame, guilt, or the feeling “I have to be something I am not,” you probably have an unconscious block, trauma, or stressor keeping you from expressing your authentic self.

Sometimes we will find that we need to release ourselves from co-dependent situations and learn how to resource ourselves and let the energy flow through us. Find unlimited resources that exist within yourself and the true realm of possibility rather than try to depend on others for it.

Scarcity and Fatigue

Sometimes when we operate from a place of limitation and scarcity, that will also limit the amount of energy we feel.

I bring this up because so many people today say that they feel low energy, fatigue, or exhaustion. They are feeling the collective stress of everything that is happening in the world around them. Whether it is social unrest, political turmoil, or a pandemic crisis, the collective feeling of fear and anxiety can zap our energy.


Rather than solely focus on the problems, I want to encourage you with a solution. There’s a grand opportunity to grow, develop, and boost our energy system through meditation. To read more about how meditation promotes healing, read our article “Does Meditation Reverse Aging?

It is possible to stay grounded and sourced in your own energy. When you choose to live your authentic self without apology or expectation, you’ll find that you’ll naturally have more energy. Take time to examine your deeper beliefs, continuous thoughts, and notice the way you perceive life. Be with your emotions, follow your dreams and aspirations, and be honest with yourself.

All of this impacts the way we flow our energy.

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